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Petition calls for WRPS to cancel diversity cruiser project

Petitioner Jessica Hutchison said the cruiser, trading cards being handed out as part of the project are 'deeply disturbing and disappointing'
WRPS cruiser 7537
WRPS cruiser 7537

A petition is making the rounds online, calling on the Waterloo Regional Police Service to cancel its diversity cruiser project.

The first of four vehicles was launched earlier this week, with Police Chief Bryan Larkin telling 570 NEWS the initiative also includes trading cards meant to educate the public on cultural and racial heritage.

Petitioner Jessica Hutchison is calling the project both deeply disturbing and disappointing.

She wrote on the petition: "Painting Black, Indigenous, and other racialized bodies onto police vehicles, which are tools used to disproportionately arrest and incarcerate Black and Indigenous peoples, is a slap in the face to local Black, Indigenous, and people of colour activists who have been calling for the WRPS to take meaningful action towards the reduction of harm and violence police inflict on their communities."

"This is not meaningful action."

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