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Waterloo snack company wants to make parenting easier with their new kid-approved snack bars

Canadian children consume four times the amount of sugar than they should, and Welo wants to change that
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This local snack company wants to make parenting easier this back to school season with their new healthy, kid-approved snack bars.

This summer, Waterloo-based Welo is launching their new and improved kid’s snack bars, which will be low in sugar and peanut and tree nut free, making them safe to take to school. 

“[They] are made with real ingredients and half the sugar of the average snack bar. Our bars contain immunity boosting probiotics and prebiotics, are a source of fibre and are made without any artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours,” said Welo co-founder Kate McKinnon.

More than that though, McKinnon says their products are “full of love.” 

“Welo stands for ‘We Love’. Our overall mission really, is to make parenting easier,” she said, adding that it can be challenging for parents to find healthy snacks that their children are actually willing to eat. 

“Kids don't care if it's healthy, they care if it tastes good, and we find that low sugar and tasty don't always go hand in hand. ” she said. “And that's really why we've made it our mission to prove that low sugar can taste crazy good, and really just making that snack time easier and school-approved.” 

However, McKinnon noted that they have always prioritized being a brand that delivers “much more than just a snack bar.” 

“Our whole position and our reason for being is really around love. It's why we're very careful with the ingredients that we put into our products,” she said. 

Welo is currently partnered with Creation of Hope, an organization based in Kenya, where they sponsor two children and have partnered with them on a variety of water projects. 

In tandem with their new product launch, they are partnering with the KW chapter of Mamas for Mamas, providing them with monetary and product donations. 

“We wanted to make sure that from our beginning, that as our business grows, our impact grows. And we spread love to not only people through our products, and you know, helping their health and helping them make better decisions, but also really just helping those in need,” she said. 

Welo launched in 2016 and McKinnon says they have been “go go go” ever since, focused on advancing their innovation, distribution, and product launches. But as the pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt, it caused them to take a step back and figure out where they really wanted to take the business. 

“It allowed us to take time to do some research and kind of take the future of the brand in a more focused direction. 

The company actually started out as a gut health brand, focused mostly on probiotics. While McKinnon says that element is still important to them, they are increasingly focused on providing parents with low sugar snacks for their kids. 

“Canadians, especially Canadian children, consume four times the amount of sugar that they should be consuming in a day or more. And we're here to help change that.”

The bars will come in five flavours, including chocolate chip and mixed berry, and will launch August 3 online and in stores. 

You can learn more about Welo here. 

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