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Liability a concern for snow removal companies after snowfall

Insurance costs is the single largest uncontrollable cost for weather according to a local snow removal company
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Snow removal after a snowstorm is no fun for anyone. 

Residents must shovel and put down salt around their property to ensure it is safe for neighbours to walk.

Snow removal companies must ensure roads and sidewalks are safe for everyone around the region.

Jim Maloney is the owner of Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services and he said there are many moving parts to weather and snowstorm removal.

"We sign agreements with clients saying we take on a lot of liability. I think what truly happens is we are unconditioned not to accept responsibility for our actions. For example, wearing proper footwear, or being distracted by phones, all different things."

He said as contractor, ​​​​​it is challenging to be at every place at the same time simultaneously. Liability is a huge concern in his line of work.

Maloney adds when there is a weather advisory, they prepare as much as possible and communicate with their clients to let them know their challenges.

According to Maloney, insurance costs have been the single largest uncontrollable cost for weather for Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services.

"It really affects not only our industry, but it also affects the places we shop at and the area we live in. If there are less service providers, who's going to do it, it becomes a supply and demand thing."

Maloney said since 2015, insurance has gone up 200 per cent. 

According to Rob Kuhn from Environment Canada, Kitchener saw approximately six centimetres of snow from Sunday night into Monday morning. 

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