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CAA urges motorists to be prepared for tricky driving conditions

Kaitlynn Furse says having a full fuel tank and route planned out is important 
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As Waterloo Region and much of southern Ontario deals with a mixed bag of winter weather, CAA is out with some tips on how to stay safe on the roads during tricky driving conditions. 

Kaitlynn Furse, with CAA says having a full fuel tank and route planned out is important. 

"First off planning your route is important and trying to stay on those main roads, which are typically better plowed than side streets. Also making sure that before you head out, you are filling up the gas tank, and your emergency kit is up-to-date."

More winter weather driving  tips from CAA can be found below: 

  • Stay on main roads. Back roads may not always be well plowed during winter storm events 
  • Always keep a phone charger in your car. You can't call for help without a charged phone and you will need battery power until help arrives 
  • Avoid using overdrive or cruise control. You want as much focus and control of your vehicle as possible 
  • Slow down and move over for emergency vehicles. This includes tow trucks and service vehicles
  • Stay well back when you see the blue flashing lights of a snow plow
  • Practice emergency braking to understand how your vehicle will react
  • If you're stranded, call 911 for assistance. Turn on your hazards and make your vehicle as visible as possible 
  • Assess if it's safe to stay in the vehicle or wait outside. If staying in, don't leave the car running for an extended length of time; there is a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep your seatbelt on
  • Make sure you have the following fully stocked in your emergency kit: first aid kit, flashlight, ice scraper, small shovel, blankets, non-perishable food & water, booster cables, candles & matches, extra batteries, phone charger, kitty litter
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