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CAA offers tips for driving on slippery roads

An official with CAA says you should remember the three P's - planning, preparation and patience
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It's never too late to learn new tips on how to drive more careful in slushy, slippery winter weather.

Tony Tsai from the South Central Ontario CAA tells Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke on 570 NEWS, that drivers need to pay extra attention when driving in winter.

"You have to be very prepared, and you have to be very careful. It's about three P's -- planning, preparation and patience. If you can remember those three things, it should make your driving that much safer."

He says that drivers must actually look up road conditions, and not just rely on being able to tell what the weather is like by looking out the window.

"Make sure your car is well maintained, make sure that your fluids are topped up, make sure that you keep gas in your car or before you leave, that you have enough for the trip. Also, just making sure that you  understand what route you are going to take. Your route through a smaller street or a side street may not be plowed or cleared."

He says it's never too late to get winter tires installed onto your car.

"Winter tires can not only help with your performance on the road, but they can help your car stop about 25 per cent better because the compound in the tires are made for cold weather. It makes a huge difference on the road for people who are driving, but that said, all these safety things that you put into your car, including winter tires, still does not equate to better driving, you still have to adapt your driving to winter."


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