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Kitchener company develops wireless UVC tech to fight COVID-19

Spenergy Certified Solutions claims its SMART UVC 3.0 has a 99.9 per cent kill rate
SMART UVC 3.0 (supplied photo)

A Kitchener-based company claims it is the first to develop a wireless automated disinfection system that safely eliminates COVID-19 and other pathogens in the air, as well as on surfaces.

Spenergy Certified Solutions says its SMART UVC 3.0 has a 99.9 per cent kill rate.

The president and CEO of the company says their product uses a 254 nanometre, which Gib Wood adds is the strongest disinfectant rate available in the UVC (ultraviolet light) spectrum.

"These fixtures are installed in the ceiling so that we can eradicate any type of bacteria and pathogens or viruses including COVID-19 in any space that has a high risk of spreading bacteria and pathogens with the risk of contaminating people." Wood told on Tuesday.

With the wireless technology, Wood says SMART UVC 3.0 can be scheduled to run in any setting when no one is around.

Also, if someone enters the room when the fixture is in the disinfecting cycle, it will detect heat and or motion and shut itself off.

Wood points out that UVC lighting has been used as a disinfection source for years, and is currently used in hospital operating rooms to sanitize after surgeries, "However, if UVC lighting is not used safely it can be dangerous and right now many people are buying the fixtures and aren't using them properly."

"Our SMART UVC 3.0 system is ground-breaking because it combines UVC Disinfection Technology with wireless controls to automate the sanitization process and eliminate using harmful chemicals that can lead to mistakes and even death." Wood added.

Several area businesses are already using the technology including the Trails Edge Tavern in Plattsville, as well as the Drumbo truck stop along the 401.

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