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Buying or refinancing your home? Here are 5 reasons you should work with a mortgage broker

Alison Lopes of DLC Premier Mortgages explains why there’s more to it than just low rates
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Coming up with a down payment and affording a mortgage are concerns for would-be home buyers, but thanks to brokers like Alison Lopes, owner and mortgage broker, Dominion Lending Centres Premier Mortgages, homeownership is a lot more attainable. Lopes shops the market on your behalf, consulting with available lenders including banks, private, and speciality lenders, to ensure her clients get customized solution for their needs. 

“We specialize in mortgages for the self-employed and are happy to help any client interesting in buying a home or refinancing a mortgage,” says Lopes. “Rates are extremely low right now; ask us why it’s a great time to purchase or refinance – which you can do any time, not just when the mortgage is up for renewal.”

Here are several reasons to work with a mortgage broker:


You are never “stuck” with just what the bank is offering. Mortgages can be unique, customized, and provided by lenders other than the bank. Your ideal mortgage may be through a lender that specializes in financing income properties, for example. Since brokers have access mortgage products from banks and other lenders, they have more options for you to choose among – and having choices in this big purchasing decision is very important.

Products for the self-employed:

Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals must provide extra documentation to prove their companies are viable enough to support a mortgage. With access to lenders that are happy to work with the self-employed, the process becomes much less daunting. Brokers like Lopes tell you exactly which documents you need and help you present your company’s full potential, showing lenders that your company is strong enough to support their terms.

Products for those with less than ideal credit:

Let’s face it, life has its hiccups – and those hiccups can impact your credit rating. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, like job loss or illness that lowers your earning potential. Other times it’s the transition between spending and learning how to budget. Brokers don’t judge and are happy help with difficult-to-finance cases. With access to so many mortgage products, a broker can find a lender willing to work with you and your needs.


Mortgage consolidation is a tool that can help rebuild credit and ease tight budgets. A broker can help with this process.

Customer service:

A mortgage is a significant investment; you deserve a dedicated mortgage professional that will get you the best rate and the best product for your needs. Brokers provide a bespoke experience and are on hand to promptly answer questions and help with any issues that arise during your financing process.

With the help of an experienced broker, you can achieve homeownership. Lopes has developed a mortgage toolbox mobile app that includes everything you need to know about homeownership costs, land transfer tax fees, stress testing, mortgage rates, and more. Download the app here and contact Lopes or her partner Julie Mederios at Dominion Lending Centres Premier Mortgages today. 

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