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Guelph company providing business opportunities for vulnerable people

The Community Company is helping vulnerable people to become entrepreneurs
The Community Company
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The Community Company, a social company from Guelph, is helping those most vulnerable by providing them opportunities to create and sell products. 

Justin Chan, founder of The Community Company, says the idea of this organization got started through talking to different individuals and charities.

"Through our coffee conversations," says Chan, "the one thing that we learned was that a lot of these individuals want to do something that allows them to give back to the community."

Chan says The Community Company exists to empower those that are most vulnerable through entrepreneurship. 

"We don't offer to change our partner's circumstances simply because we can't." says Chan.

"But what we can offer to our partners is that unique experience where they can feel that change within themselves, by putting something back out there in the world."  

According to Chan, The Community Company collaborates each month with three to five vulnerable individuals to create an art design that will go onto products.

These products then go into a community box which people can purchase online.

All profits are split equally with individuals, along with helping them to achieve personal goals.

Since the project started in November 2018, The Community Company has given $1,166 dollars to people they have worked with.

And has helped people from Kitchener, Brampton and St.John's in Newfoundland. 

Chan says that while these people are happy to know that customers want their products, the recognition they get for their work is much more valuable.

"The social value and social capital they gain is just as important as the financial capital that we share with them." 

More information on this project can be found online at


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