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Farmers asked to be careful after slippery, dangerous incident in Norfolk County

OPP are asking farmers to keep their field irrigation systems away from roadways
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Over the past few days, police in Norfolk County have heard from several concerned motorists about irrigation overspray onto roadways.

OPP Constable Ed Sanchuk said one notable incident occurred Thursday morning.

"Police were contacted by a concerned motorcyclist after the operator slid on the roadway as a result of an irrigation system that was spraying water directly onto the roadway."

Sanchuk said luckily, no one was injured and no vehicles were damaged.

"Farmers can't control the wind, so if you happen to see an irrigation system spraying water or pooling water on the roadway, you want to contact your nearest police authority... or if you have an opportunity, speak to the farmer."

OPP are also reminding motorcyclists to expect the unexpected.

"These conditions can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists and could lead to potentially dangerous or fatal collisions."

Sanchuk also clarified, farmers are most likely not doing this intentionally.

"They're out there working hard in the fields and trying to keep them watered. In this case, there was no ill intent or ill will towards motorists. This is just a safety reminder we're putting out there, as irrigation spray can cause a dangerous situation for motorists, motorcyclists, and people riding bicycles."

Sanchuk added the slippery road conditions and pooling can be particularly dangerous at nighttime.

"You just never know if there's going to be water on a roadway, so just reduce your speed and stay in control of your vehicle."

If you come across a dangerous condition while driving, contact your local police department.

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