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Child becomes sick after eating pot edibles: Woodstock Police

Another youth was distributing them at a skate park
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Woodstock Police are reminding parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of strangers. 

It comes after a 10-year-old got sick after unknowingly ingesting marijuana over the weekend at the skate park in Southside Park. 

It happened Saturday afternoon as another young person offered up the pot edibles - which looked like regular cookies and jujubes. 

The 10-year-old started feeling uneasy and became sick, but is now in good health. 

Anyone with information on the incident should call Woodstock Police or Crime Stoppers. 

Authorities are also out with these tips: 

- Remind children to never accept food or drink from strangers, regardless of their age.

- Store all cannabis products in a safe place that your children cannot access. 

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