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Waterloo Region might feel the effects of an incoming polar vortex

No concrete forecasting is available currently, but temperatures may dip below average
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A polar vortex that is anticipated to hit midwestern Ontario later this month could impact Waterloo Region. 

In an interview with KitchenerToday, Environment Canada Senior Weather Meteorologist Brian Owsiak said that the area might experience the lake effect from Lake Huron if a strong northwesterly wind were to carry the vortex over. 

Currently, Owsiak said it is not certain how cold it will get or how much snow will fall, but he noted that it is likely that the temperatures will fall below average. "It is all probabilistic forecasting nowadays, so I couldn't give you an exact number, other than to say we are more than likely to go to a below-average regime, which I believe for Kitchener this time of year to be -2 to -10."

Owsiak noted that while some winters are milder than others, and some are colder, he said the term "polar vortex" is a term that definitely gets people's attention.

"We just need to keep an eye on the forecast and stay prepared for whatever comes."

While there are no concrete forecasting predictions at this time, Owsiak said the vortex would most likely make its way over to Waterloo Region by the last week of January. 


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