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Waterloo Fire Rescue urging people to check heating appliances

Malfunctioning heating appliances are the number one cause of house fires in Ontario
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It is getting colder and colder and many of us are turning up the heat to cope.

Waterloo Fire Rescue public education officer John Percy says that as the temperature drops, there is a higher risk of fires in the home.

"In the City of Waterloo and throughout the province of Ontario, the leading cause of fires in the home are typically due to heating equipment and appliances. So for example, fireplaces and furnaces and chimneys."

He says you must remember to clear out snow around the nearest fire hydrant, so that firefighters can respond quicker in case of an emergency.

"We would also ask -- people are really good at shovelling the snow at their front door, but in case of a fire, you may not be able to use that, so we want you to shovel all the exit doors to your home, be it a side door or a back door."

Percy says if you have a real fireplace, you must use appropriate wood to avoid any complications.

"Make sure you allow the ashes from your fireplace or your woodstove to cool before you empty them into a metal container with a tight-fitting lid. You always want to keep the container outside. Please do not discard your ashes in a plastic rubbermaid, or a garbage can."

He is also reminding you to check your fire alarms to make sure they are working.


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