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Thousands in the high priority group have pre-registered for COVID vaccine: public health

Priority groups have been able to begin pre-registering for the vaccines as of late Wednesday

High priority groups in Waterloo Region are now lining up to get their COVID-19 shots.

Deputy Chief Shirley Hilton says priority groups have been able to begin pre-registering for the vaccines as of late Wednesday.

"As of this (Friday) morning, we have had over 10,400 people who are eligible in phase one pre-registered, with 7,000 being the over-80 age population. 85 per cent of those who have pre-registered did indicate that they could be available on short notice that could assist in contingency planning, should someone cancel or is unavailable for their appointment."

Hilton says in addition to the two large public health vaccination clinics, they are also looking at placing 6-8 small to mid-sized primary care clinics to better access difficult populations, like those in rural areas.

"So it's looking at community health centres, looking at primary care offices throughout the Region of Waterloo, including our rural areas to make sure that we are providing clinics that are located all around the region, including our mobile pop-up clinics, so we can reach the more difficult populations, such as rural or, with the mobile clinics, for those who can't necessarily make it to a fixed site."

High priority groups include residents and staff members from LTCs and retirement homes, those who are over the age of 80, and Indigenous adults.

Yesterday, the region announced it was accepting volunteer applications to help with non-medical roles at immunization clinics. 

As of this morning, 250 people have sent in applications to become a volunteer.

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