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'Sports culture will have to adapt to pandemic': Bennett

Sportsnet's Donnovan Bennett shares his thoughts on when sports may return back to normal
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Despite some mainstream sports returning in North America later this month, there's no certainty on when things will return to normal.

Sportsnet's Donnovan Bennett tells Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke on 570 NEWS, sports culture will have to adapt to the reality of the pandemic.

"(Leagues) have decided they are going to try to force the square peg into a round hole no matter what," he said, "What those games might look like, who will be left playing, will there be a massive asterisk over the entire thing?"

"I think those are the questions and the answers are probably going to be yes."

He says officials are thinking of the best way to recover.

"How can we do this safely? How can we also do this in a way that we can hand out a trophy?" Bennett explained, "But also, how can we do it and recoup as much money as possible? Or really, not lose as much money as possible? Those things are not always mutually exclusive."

Bennett says each union has had a different response.

"The NHL and the NHLPA and what they've done is probably the best case scenario in that they've had the conversations early, up front and they didn't rush them," he added.

"We were speculating on what the hub cities would be for well over a month. But they also were looking at the problem holistically and they didn't just put together a plan for a return to play."

He says they've also been talking about an additional six years for labour peace.

Major League Soccer returned to play Wednesday night, with the NHL, NBA and MLB expected to return to action in the next couple of weeks.

NFL training camps are pegged to start up later this month too.


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