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See where regional candidates stand on gender-based issues through 'The Feminist Shift' survey

Questions focus on gender-based violence, femicide, Islamophobia, and other topics
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A local group has asked regional candidates about their stance on a variety of gender-based issues. 

Elizabeth Clarke is CEO of YW Kitchener-Waterloo, and said 'The Feminist Shift' is a partnership with YWCA Cambridge. 

"We came together back in the spring and decided to try to elevate the discussion around gender issues and gender-based violence in our community over the next few years. We decided the approach we would use to do that is to engage with other organizations, groups, and individuals .. and start raising awareness and getting some actions in place to try and shift these issues in our region."

To try and get some of the issues on the agenda this election campaign, Clarke said they wanted to launch an all-candidate region-wide discussion.

"We felt that those issues were not being addressed sufficiently in the debates that we were seeing. Sometimes the questions were being raised .. but they're not really being answered. Some parties are avoiding answering them altogether .. so we really wanted to have a place where instead of talking about leaders' personalities, we can talk about something important."

The questions on the survey are wide-ranging and touch on affordable housing, missing and murdered Indigenous women, reproductive choice, and Islamophobia. 

"We brought together a number of different organizations, and invited everyone to submit one sort of pressing question that was important to their members and constituents. And together, we created the survey. We wanted to have as many voices represented as possible."

Clarke said not all of the surveys were returned. 

"There's a couple parties that we haven't seen as many responses from as we had hoped. I think some parties will look at the nature of our survey and think 'this is where I have something to say', and others will say 'no that's not where I'm interested in engaging', and I think that speaks for itself."

You can see the survey results by clicking here


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