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Residents in Cambridge gather for 100th day in a row to thank frontline workers (3 photos)

Residents in the Townline Road area of Cambridge marked 100 days of saying 'thank you' Monday night

It was only supposed to be a one-time gesture of gratitude to show their appreciation for frontline and essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It turned into so much more. 

Marj Meiers is the organizer of the Townline Road parade and she says when she started to honour the frontline and essential workers back in March, it was just a way for her and her family to say 'thank you.'

"My mom and I stood out on the front of our house and she honked a chicken and I banged a pot and then we posted it on social media," said Meiers.

"The next night, I said to my neighbour 'we're going back out' and she joined us, then I asked more of the neighbours to join us because we're all related here."

Meiers says that after the first few nights, they couldn't stop. 

"People were looking for it," said Meiers, "we inspired people and we gave them hope. It meant something to them. My thought is that if it meant something to one person then we couldn't stop because that one person may be looking for us every night."

Meiers says that she never thought it would grow into a community event. 

"No, I didn't," reflects Meiers, "we didn't think it would last this long, we didn't care about being out in the pouring rain. The frontline workers are in the hospitals so if we are outside for five minutes with bad weather then so be it. We wanted to thank them." 

Meiers says the milestone wasn't even a thought when they first started honouring the frontline and essential workers but she is glad that they reached the goal. 

"We couldn't go out to say thank you, so this was our way of doing it. We gave them fair warning that we were going to stop after 100 days." 

But, why stop after 100 days?

"Well, because we want to watch 'Jeopardy' too," laughed Meiers, "hopefully things are getting back to normal. We want people's lives to get back to normal and not just ours. As much as we enjoyed being out here, we hope that we don't ever have to come out and do this again. We are always going to appreciate the frontline and essential workers, that's not going to change. We had to pick a day, and the 100th day was the right day."

The parade stopped at one point with Region of Waterloo paramedics getting out of their vehicles and thanking Marj. 

"That was unreal," said Meiers, "our thanks was for them but they are thanking us. That's not what we're out here for. We want it for the frontline workers. For the paramedics to take a chance on me and thank us - that meant something."

Meiers believes that the nightly noise made around the Townline Road area every night at 7:30 PM made a difference in people's lives.

"Absolutely, we made a difference. If we made a difference in one person's life then that's all that matters. That one person might have needed it." 


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