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Report lists top ten worst pedestrian and cyclist collision spots in the region

Most pedestrian and cyclist collisions happened in Kitchener and Cambridge
Bike lanes Kitchener
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A report is going to the region's planning and works committee, detailing the worse collision hot spots in Waterloo Region.

According to the report that looks at data from 2014 to 2018, Kitchener and Cambridge had the most pedestrian and cyclist collisions. 

2018 saw a relatively small increase in collisions compared to the 2017; from 6263 up to 6370.

However, the amount of pedestrian collisions have gone down from 139 in 2017 to 110. Likewise, cyclist collisions went from 101 down to 79. The number of fatalities also decreased from nine in 2017, down to six this year.

According to the report, these are the top ten hot spots for pedestrian collisions:

  1. University Ave at Albert St in Waterloo
  2. Ainslie St at Main St in Cambridge
  3. King St at /Bishop St in Cambridge
  4. Erb St at Erbsville Rd/Ira Needles Blvd in Waterloo
  5. Kingsway Dr (multi-resident driveway) at Wilson Ave in Kitchener
  6. University Ave at Phillip St in Waterloo
  7. Fairway Rd at Fairview Park Mall/Cineplex in Kitchener
  8. Westmount Rd at Victoria St in Kitchener
  9. River Rd at Holborn Dr/Accessto Stanley Park Mall in Kitchener
  10. Hespeler Rd at Dunbar Rd Cambridge

The report also listed the top ten hot spots for cyclist collision:

  1. Hespeler Rd at Munch Ave/Isherwood Ave in Cambridge
  2. Hespeler Rd at Bishop Stin Cambridge
  3. Courtland Ave at Siebert Ave (commercial driveway) in Kitchener
  4. Hespeler Rd at Avenue Rd/Jaffray St in Cambridge
  5. Water St N between Ainslie St and Simcoe St in Cambridge
  6. Weber St E between Fergus Ave and Kinzie Ave in Kitchener
  7. Highland Rd W between Butler Ln and Westmount Rd in Kitchener
  8. University Ave between Regina St and Weber St in Waterloo
  9. Hespeler Rd at Can-Amera Pkwy/YMCA in Cambridge
  10. Dundas St at Elgin St in Cambridge

Emily Slofstra, Founding Member, Cycle WR, read the report and says it doesn't show "whole picture of what it's like to bike here."

She tells Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke on 570 NEWS, the report only covered regional roads, which covers only a percentage of the all the roads in Waterloo Region.

"I think there's actually probably much higher number of collisions. I know that police reporting has totally different numbers. When we look at injury numbers from health records from the hospital, that kind of thing, those show completely different numbers."

She says more can be done to curb the amount of pedestrian and cyclist collisions, starting with more enforcement from police.

"In Toronto there is a study that they stopped enforcing as much, and that's when we started to see a rise in pedestrian and cyclist deaths in collisions in Toronto, and the same thing has happened here; we don't have much enforcement on the road, so people think that they can get away."


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