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Region looking to grow Esports community

An agreement between Explore Waterloo Region and Subnation is looking at developing opportunities for the region to grow into a hub for Esports programming and events
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(photo by Larissa Kurz)

Imagine this: a packed arena in Kitchener, watching the best video gamers in the world compete.

It could be a reality down the line, as Explore Waterloo Region and Subnation looks to develop local opportunities in the Esports sector.

They've come up with an agreement to grow the region as a hub for esports programming and events, and are looking at what we have in place now that supports the growth of esports.

"Waterloo is already a national leader in the tech sector," Allister Scorgie, Director of Sport Hosting with Explore Waterloo Region said in a release, "Esports is a new and growing market and a lot of people in the traditional sports sector are unaware of its potential and possibility."

"This is a chance for Waterloo Region to start building some excitement around Esports." 

There are four phases to this project.

The first step is assessing Waterloo Region's readiness for esports, and looking at what activities and events line up with the region's capbilities now and what's planned in the future.

The hope is once that is done, a marketing type strategy can be developed that could attract some attention from the Esports industry, from event organizers, leagues, publishers, production companies, programs and communities at the local level and around the world.

"We are seeing first-hand how COVID has accelerated the need for major cities and regions to advance their internal strategy and external conversations around gaming and esports," Ed Tomasi, Subnation Co-Founder and Chief Managing Director stated, "It is exciting to have this opportunity to work with the innovative Waterloo Region team given their past reputation of embracing new technology and progressive business initiatives."

"The region has all of the critical components needed to support a diverse spectrum of events and programs, as well as attract new businesses and associated talent."


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