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Proposed changes in Kitchener could allow landlords more space to rent

As part of the proposal, landlords in the City of Kitchener would be allowed to rent out three units on a single residential lot
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There's no two ways about it, rent costs in Kitchener are expensive.

A recent report from Padmapper indicates the city's rental market is the ninth most expensive in Canada, with the median cost for a one-bedroom unit at $1,280.

Back in August, the same site indicated Kitchener's rental rates were skyrocketing faster than any other city in the country.

But a zoning change headed to the desk of Kitchener city council Monday could increase the options landlords have to increase space for rent on an existing single property.

More specifically, this change would allow for a third unit of one property, including --- if you wish --- a tiny home in your backyard.

Each of the options would be subject to site plan approvals, as things like water and sewer access need to be present, buildings can't be too close to neighbours, and there are rules when it comes to the tiny houses themselves (has to be at least 145 square feet of living space --- not including the bathroom --- and no more than two people can live in it).

Kitchener has allowed for duplexes since 1994, but the report says this proposed change marks a "significant change in zoning approach."

Officials say it won't solve all the issues surrounding affordable housing in Kitchener, but is a good start.


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