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Police warning about Apple iTunes scam

Fraudsters have scammed residents out of over $9,000 in the last several months
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Waterloo Regional Police are out with a warning about an Apple iTunes scam.

They report that in the last several months, residents have lost over $9,000 because of it.

"In several instances, victims received an email seemingly from Apple Inc., suggesting they had made a purchase through their Apple Inc. account or app. Because the purchase had never actually been made, the victims contacted who they assumed to be Apple Inc. and were told to purchase iTunes gift cards. They were then provided instructions on how to provide the pin number on the back of the gift card." said a release from police.

In another case, a victim said they responded to an email that they had received from, what appeared to be Apple. 

They were told their account had been compromised, then told to buy iTunes gift cards and provide the pin numbers in lieu of their account being fixed.  

Police are reminding the public to ensure they are dealing with a legitimate company before they offer up financial information or make any purchases. 


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