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Police warn CRA scammers get more aggressive, take $100,000 from local victims

One victim lost $25,000, another three lost $20,000 a piece
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Waterloo Regional Police say a number of local residents have been ripped off to the tune of $100,000 in a new, more aggressive version of the CRA scam. 

Fraudsters call potential victims, claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency, asking for payment for back-taxes that don't really exist.

But police say in the past five days, several victims of various ages reported being kept on the phone for hours by someone speaking very aggressively. 

The callers demanded payment be made by deposit into Bitcoin ATM's.  

Police tell 570 NEWS one local victim lost $25,000 -- another three lost $20,000 each.  

Police remind everyone the Canada Revenue Agency does not demand payments in Bitcoins, i-Tune gift cards, or anything like that. 

And the CRA will never ask for your personal information, or leave details of your information in a voicemail.  

They suggest the following safety tips: 

  • never provide personal information such as your Social Insurance Number, date of birth, address or banking information
  • be aware that fraudsters can alter their telephone number to represent that of a government agency or business, including RCMP or other police agencies. Never rely on caller ID to confirm the caller’s identity
  • do not allow anyone access to your computer or download anything at the caller’s request
  • advise the caller that you will look up their public telephone number and return their call
  • remember that fraudsters will provide cover stories in the event you’re confronted by outside people trying to convince you that it’s a scam
  • keep your access codes, user ID, passwords and PINs secret

And if a call seems suspicious, hang up, and do not respond to suspicious emails or texts.  

If you have suffered a financial loss, please contact police at (519) 570-9777. 

For more information on how you can protect yourself against these scams, visit: or

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