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New program aims to answer difficult questions about Islamic faith

The program was created by the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW

The Coalition of Muslim Women of KW has created a program to help answer curious questions about the Muslim faith.

The program, called Brave Circle, is aiming to make it easier for people who want to ask difficult questions.

Executive Director Fauzia Mazhar says they received a large response from the community and have already been able to go over some key topics during the first few sessions.

"The questions ranged from same-sex marriage to spousal relationship dynamics to changing roles in Muslim families... so there are a range of questions."

She said the goal is specifically to open up the floor to questions that may feel difficult, sensitive or controversial.

"We're very intentional in creating this program, and very intentional in helping people find that environment that is welcoming to them to ask questions that they would otherwise not be able to ask. We are providing options such as submitting your questions anonymously."

Mazhar said panel members are working hard to create a neutral, objective environment to help everyone feel comfortable asking and addressing difficult questions.

"We call it 'Brave Circle' because bravery is involved from both the participants and also the panel members. Those who have the courage to ask questions and those who have the courage to respond to the questions, both are an integral part -- they make the program what the program is."

She says currently registration is closed to the public and you can only join if you receive an invitation or if you have a referral.

However, organizers are working on opening up these sessions in the fall to anyone who wants to sign up for them.

There is also currently a call out to Muslim members of the community who would like to join the panel and help answer questions. People who would like to contribute on the panel can send an email to to inquire about next steps.

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