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Local paper straw manufacturing company applauds proposed single-use plastic ban

The Federal Government announced a potential ban to single-use plastics as early as 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday the Federal Government plans to ban harmful single-use plastics as early as 2021.

This is being met with positivity from a Cambridge paper straw manufacturing company called Green Circle Dine Ware.

It is the first Canadian manufacturer of paper drinking straws. 

Geet Sheth is the founder of Green Circle Dine Ware, he said the proposed plan is coming sooner then he had expected. 

"We are at the right time in our business where we have developed the product, we have the certification for the product, and the ban has come at the right time as well. So definitely in terms of benefits, we already started getting inquires from distributors, restaurant chains and users in terms of our sustainable products."

He said they started manufacturing paper drinking straws in January and launched them at the Restaurant Canada show at the end of February. 

"It has only been two or three months since we have launched our products, but we have received a great amount of interest from distributors, a couple of small restaurants chains, a couple of big restaurant chains."

Sheth said eliminating single-use plastic such as plastic straws is a good start. 

"It's time that, including ourselves, all the end users and big corporations start making this change, now I know a lot of people say that plastic straws are such a small part, but I do believe that changes start at small scale and then you can take it to larger scales."

The company also has a line of palm leaf bowls and plates that are biodegradable. 


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