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Kitchener resident publishes finance assistance book with sport analogies

The book uses sports like hockey and basketball to make finance seem easy
Game Plan Cover Photo
The Game Plan: The Connection Between Sports and Financial Success. (Bryton Keyes Nov. 28, 2020)

A Kitchener resident has published a book to help people better understand the various aspects of personal finance, with a new twist. 

Bryton Keyes, a Senior Accountant at Ernst and Young, spoke with KitchenerToday and described the idea behind the book "The Game Plan: The Connection Between Sports and Financial Success."

The book relates various sports like hockey, golf and basketball to how they can be seen in the financial world. Keyes noted one particular example involving the Toronto Maple Leafs and how their fans are very patient and loyal to the team year after year. He said that this could also translate over to investing, as being patient and letting the money grow is key.  

"Even if people may not play a particular sport, they may use particular phrases or pull different things from sports that way, and I just thought that also different people maybe are just too scared to get into their own finances and find it too complex but when boiling it down to just some simple principles and analogies that it might help them. 

Keyes said that for those who are not immersed in the financial world and may find it complex, will see that it is more straightforward than they think while covering topics like savings, debt management, budget, wills, and retirement.  

Keyes noted that the people who would find the most use out of his book are sports lovers or those who know someone who plays sports but do not fully understand finance while being geared towards a slightly younger audience. 

"Whether you are playing it or watching it, sports can teach different lessons, whether it be discipline or teamwork, or relying on different people," said Keyes. "The whole concept of finance and planning and saving, those kinds of sports can provide some cool analogies to help bring those concepts more to life." 

The book also brings a home town feel by mentioning Waterloo Region athletes like hockey player Mark Scheifele and basketball player Jamal Murray. 

Keyes said that eventually, it would be nice to see his book as a tool to help teachers educate grades seven and up in a new financial curriculum. 

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.  





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