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It's the first day municipal election signs can go up

And there are some new rules the candidates must follow
Election signs in Waterloo
Campaign signs along University Avenue. Blair Adams/KitchenerToday

You may already see a few sticking in lawns.

Friday marked the first day municipal election signs could go up in Waterloo Region.

Those signs can only go up 45 days before the vote.

In March, the region revised its bylaw when it comes to those signs.

Some of the rules include: 

  • a candidate can have no more than one sign where two roads intersect
  • signs have to be 100 metres or more away from a roundabout
  • they cannot interfere with/or obstruct the visibility of vehicles and/or pedestrians, a roadway, shoulder, median or planting bed

The rules are somewhat different in Waterloo, signs are not allowed on city streets, but are allowed on private property.

The Director of Municipal Enforcement Services at the City of Waterloo says for the most part, candidates are pretty good at following the rules.

"They're typically good about not putting them on the city streets, knowing that they do have some availability on the regional roads ... then again, when everybody is trying to find that great spot on the regional road, that's what creates the overcrowding." Shayne Turner told Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke on 570 NEWS.

He says they have two options if a candidate is not following the rules: issue a ticket or seize the sign.

"Typically speaking, we have not had a lot of significant issues." added Turner.

The municipal elections are set for Monday, October 22.


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