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Green Party Leader defends conservation authorities

He was joined by the mayor to note the impacts this decision would have

Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner was in Cambridge this morning as he held a news conference to urge the Ford Government to cancel the changes to conservation authorities.

Schreiner was joined by Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry and Regional Councillor Helen Jowett, who serves as Chair of the Grand River Conservation Authority, as noted how Ford's changes to conservation authorities could put Ontario at a greater risk of flooding as these individuals are on the front lines of flooding mitigation.

“For the past few weeks, I’ve been hammering the Ford Government for their proposed changes to conservation authorities through Schedule 6 of Bill 229,” said Schreiner. “And I’m not alone, nor are the conservation authorities, as the list of municipalities asking this government to cancel its rollback of flood protection is growing by the day."

He noted that the authorities help protect the wetlands from reckless and dangerous development and thereby protect the community, its residents and homes.

"By changing the rules on conservation authorities, this government is knowingly putting public safety at risk by flushing decades of smart planning down the drain. When you pave over wetlands and greenspace, stormwater has nowhere to go but our streets and basements. I wish the Premier would understand this."

Schreiner even bashed the Ford Government by commenting on how the Premier is "too busy scoring points with his developer friends, and the rest of us pay the price."



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