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Gardening tips for a colourful spring garden

Peas, lettuce and pansies are just a few of the plants you can probably start putting in the ground right away

It's time to ditch your winter coat and pick up your gardening gloves.

Perry Grobe of Grobe's Nursery and Garden Centre says people should start preparing now for a colourful spring garden.

"It was pretty wet last fall so there might be leaves in the garden that need to be taken care of, there might be perennials to cut back, there might be hydrangeas that need to be cut back. There's quite a few things that they might be looking to do now that there is somewhat good weather to work in. It doesn't take long for the weather to turn into something warmer and something more comfortable."

He says the roller coaster temperatures of this spring won't really affect most plants you put outside.

"Plants that are tender, that may be in a greenhouse environment might -- only some plants, you might have to worry about whether or not they will suffer from a hard frost. You can always cover them if that is the case. Other plants, like pansies, for example, which are really popular early in the spring, they can be planted out, and they won't have any impact at all on that temperature up-and-down. It won't matter."

He says you can start planting seeds and saplings soon.

"Cool season plants like peas and lettuce can soon be able to be planted because they can tolerate the cold temperatures. You might go through and get the first of the weeds that might be starting to poke out cleaned up before you start to plant. All of that will be done very soon. It's not so much the temperature, it's more of a dryness thing."

He says if the ground is too wet, it may not yet be an ideal time to start planting yet.

Grobe's Nursery and Garden is located in Breslau, at 1787 Greenhouse Road.


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