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Former Rangers player calls for background checks on coaches, makes further hazing allegations

It's the second video posted by Eric Guest
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Kitchener Rangers forward Eric Guest (89) keeps an eye on Hamilton Bulldogs defenseman Kade Landry (7). Mark Pare/KitchenerToday

"For me, if I would have known what I was going to go through to try and play in the NHL, I think I would have chosen a different sport to play. Which is sad, because I gave my entire life to hockey."

It is not the first time Former Kitchener Ranger Eric Guest has spoken out towards hazing and abuse in junior hockey, and in his recent video, he calls for hockey culture to change.

"Having these ways passed down through generations - such as the ritual of how you get initiated onto these teams - that's gotta stop, it's not cool anymore," said Guest in an Instagram video. 

One of the biggest issues Guest delved into was rookie hazing, and how a toxic culture makes players terrified to speak out for fear of being shunned or even traded.

"On these teams, it's a popularity contest, and for you to go against the curve of some of the stuff that's going on, maybe your teammates won't like you anymore, or you end up getting shipped home or traded," he said. "You go with the flow with everything that's going on, you don't go against the curve." 

When Guest was 16, he was not allowed to go to the bathroom for hours while travelling by bus during a road trip.

"I would go to the back of the bus, and say 'I need to go to the bathroom' and the vets wouldn't let me." 

Guest mentioned that veterans belittling rookies is common practice, adding that he's seen rookies throw up on themselves, get carried out of parties unconscious, and be forced to dance together naked.

At the end of the video, Guest calls for CHL coaches to receive background checks, as he once had a coach make fun of him in front of his team about being on medication.

"I was sitting in the dressing room listening to him talk, and he said, 'Oh Guesty! Are your meds kicking in?' The 'men' in charge of these teams need thorough checks to see if they are right to be involved in developing kids, and coaching kids." 


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