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Eight common responses to a crisis

A researcher says there are eight common ways people respond to a crisis
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An expert in disaster and emergency management says the way people have responded to the pandemic is not surprising.

Associate professor of Disaster and Emergency Management, Jean Slick, said research shows there are exactly eight common ways people behave in a crisis.

She tells Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke on 570 NEWS, most responses are positive, but there will always be a handful of people who are looking to exploit the situation.

"So whether it is trying to trick you.. pretending to sell a vaccine, or earlier in the pandemic, we saw people hoarding personal protective equipment or hand sanitizer and exploiting pricing. So it's not common, but when it happens, it gets a lot of attention."

She noted that one of the responses is to help others.

"There are people helping with personal protective equipment, creating businesses actually.. who were involved in manufacturing liquor but have now turned to manufacturing hand sanitizer.. It's all different ways of helping in the community."

The eight responses are helping, mourning, being anxious, evacuating/returning, supporting, being curious, witnessing and exploiting.

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