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Ten year anniversary of Tori Stafford's death prompts Ottawa protest

Her father will join other families on Parliament Hill to protest the justice system
Rodney Stafford, father of murder victim Tori Stafford, is shown outside court in Woodstock, Ont., Monday, February 7, 2011. (Dave Chidley, Canadian Press)

It was April 8, 2009.

Eight-year old Tori Stafford went missing while walking home from school in Woodstock.  She was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Terry-Lynne McClintic and Michael Rafferty

Those two are now serving life in prison, and to mark the 10-year anniversary of the death, Tori's father Rodney will be on Parliament Hill Monday morning.

He's protesting the high profile moves for McClintic and Rafferty.

Last fall, McClintic was moved to a healing lodge in Saskatchewan, but was moved back to a maximum security prison soon after, following public outcry.

Rafferty, meantime, is still serving his sentence in a medium security prison.

Stafford, along with other families, feel that needs to change.

He will be joined by other families who have had similar struggles with Canada's justice system, who feel that the system itself failed them.


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