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St. Jacobs reminding patrons of 'look-don't-touch' policy

Patrons who would like to take a closer look at a particular item can ask the vendor to handle products for them
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If you're heading out to the St. Jacobs Farmers' Market, make sure you look with only your eyes.

The market is out with a reminder not to touch everything you see.

Assistant Market Manager, Amanda Runstedler, says the "look-don't-touch" policy has been in place since the market reopened.

"Its main goal is to alleviate as much of any touch transfer that could potentially happen between customers. It also allows people to feel a little bit better about knowing who's touched their products, and knowing it's safe to purchase those products from the market."

She says if you would like to take a closer look at a particular item, you should ask the vendor for help.

"Can the vendor themselves lift it up, turn it around, or flip it over? If it's a basket of produce, can they lift up the first layer so they can see the underneath layer? And if the vendor is comfortable with them touching the product, that is okay if they are then going to purchase that product."

Runstedler says they will be using an education-based approach to remind people of their no-touch policy.

"It's kind of what the health department is recommending as well with the mask bylaw. It's kind of leading by educating people instead of penalizing them. We will have managers wandering around the market. If a vendor has an issue with a customer, they can call us over and we can just help them out. Other than that, it will just be more of a goodwill gesture."

The St. Jacobs Farmers' Market is open every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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