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More COVID-19 testing needed in Ontario, says Laurier prof

Dr. Todd Coleman says Western Canada could be ahead of the game because they're closer to China, where the COVID-19 pandemic first began
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It's tough to say exactly why Ontario and Quebec are struggling to contain COVID-19.

Western Canada is showing signs of hope, according to a report out of The Globe and Mail, which adds on that data is showing efforts by BC and Alberta health officials to flatten the curve are starting to pay off.

One of the problems in Ontario could be the lack of testing.

"We've seen that in Ontario, we seem to be testing the people who are exhibiting symptoms for the most part," Dr. Todd Coleman, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Sciences, told The Mike Farwell Show on 570 NEWS.

"We need to be moving beyond this, to less symptomatic folks and folks potentially seeing whether or not just people out in the general population have this."

He says there is confusing information out there, such as one report that suggests those showing no symptoms can simply shed the virus through breathing or speaking to someone.

"It would be best just to get a handle, and to see maybe it is spreading in the general population," he said, "A really large number of people just don't exhibit the heavy symptoms that we're seeing because those are the ones that we're testing right now."

He says we're only a few weeks in, and those who came back from March Break are still at the tail end of infection.

Dr. Coleman says over the last week, we've been seeing somewhat of a plateau in case numbers nationwide, but we can't let that provide any false hope.

"I'm just worried that any messaging to that effect would look like we can start lifting social distancing, but we need to stay the course for a little while before we see anything," he said.

He says we need to see case numbers trending downwards significantly before we can think about changing anything we're doing now.

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