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Kitchener company develops divider for golf carts

Some courses in the area have already put orders in
The Driver Divider
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Golf courses have been open for a few weeks, and a Kitchener company is aiming to keep things safe, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shaver Industries Inc. has developed The Driver Divider.

It's basically a clear curtain, made from PVC and VCP (reinforced vinyl), to keep the two golfers assigned to a power cart, from breathing directly on one another.

Courses that don't have something like The Driver Divider can only put one golfer in each cart.

The general manager of Shaver Industries tells 570 NEWS it was a pretty quick turnaround to get the product to market.

"Basically within ... a day we had our first prototype, and about two days later we had a final product. So we really just jumped right into this, and made it happen," explained Matt Gazzola.

The company has already taken orders from local courses including Westmount, Whistle Bear, Rockway and Doon, with others making inquires from across the country.

"We kind of see this going in the right direction, where we'd be producing quite a few of these. We're just kind of tweaking things on the production side of things, to really ramp up full production, even looking at potentially running a second shift, if needed," said Gazzola.

At the start of the pandemic, business at Shaver slowed down, but picked up again once they started producing around 25,000 face shields a week.

"We're supplying Grand River (hospital), St. Mary's, St. Joseph's ... and a bunch of retailers, Tim Hortons, for example. Throughout the community, and throughout the country, actually." Gazzola added.

Shaver Industries has been around since 1986.

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